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9-21-2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Fun tax issues in three countries


United Kingdom  - tax revenue drops

UK - www.The-World-News.comThe top deficit of all times has happened in Britain this August 2012.

Welfare is unquestionably on the rise by 2.5 %, and revenue from taxes is down with a growth of only by 1.8%.

This is in relationship to each other. The UK's pound kept up its advance against the US dollar. It currently trades at $1.6277 as of this morning.

India wants your money, so the tax is down on borrowing from outsiders.

India taj MAhal - www.The-World-News.comIndia's stocks and the rupee have been doing better and climbing up the ladder after this change in policy by India.

A tax on interest earned by overseas investors has been cut from 20% down to only 5% said the Finance Ministry in New Delhi today.

This measure encourages more companies to borrow from over seas money sources and improves the financial situation in India for a long run advantage.

Germany is doing very well with money lately

Germany  - www.The-World-News.comAnd, as the other countries around it are struggling financially Germany is golden with tax increases just one year away from an election. As it is with all elections, they are always effected by the country's financial situation.

Tax revenue in Germany for August has gone up by 12.8% from last year. The unemployment rate is at a golden 6.8 %. This has not been seen in a long time.

A major union, IG Metall with 3.6 workers gained a 4.3 pay increase.

That sort of increase had not been not seen in 20 years.
Just two years ago public workers got a large raise of 6.3% over a two year period.

The tax revenue is up by 5.8 % for the year as a whole.