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8-27 -2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Ireland's property tax increase...
Middle class get their butt kicked


Dublin will pay the most

Dublin, Ireland Street  - www.The-World-News.comThe owner of a regular home say a four bed semi-detached house in Dublin will have to pay out €897 in tax per year.

If you live in the midlands, you will pay only €375 for the same house. It is about the value, and that's it.

From in the city you would see the people on the north side paying less than the south siders.

A spokesman for Fianna Fail, Barry Cowen said:

"I have real concerns about the inequalities associated with a property tax based on value, particularly at a time when it is extremely difficult to provide a real assessment of property values. On the face of it, this system would be extremely unfair to homeowners in urban areas and fails to take account of the mortgage crisis which is growing day by day."

Unfortunately, 10.9% of homeowners with private mortgages are more than 90 days in arrears for tax as it stands.

Not fair you say!

Yes, it isn't anything like fair.

It is going to be introduced to the population after the budget is approved in December of this year, 2012.

Michael Martin of the organization Fianna Fail, commented that:

"This has all the hallmarks of becoming another fiasco from those who brought us the household-charge mess".

One out of every five homeowners are having a hard time to make the mortgage payments as it is, so the tax will definitely be a problem.

The cost of city services to people in Dublin city is lower than to the folks out in the countryside. Therefore the tax should be lower.

The list of well known people in and out of politics who are raging against the proposed uplifted tax are enormous, starting with the mortgage director of a bank to the Fine Gael TD's Peter Mathews to Ronan Lyons of Daft TD, and Dr. Thornhill a writer amongst many others.