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7-7-2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Get a gun and go to church or face a tax

  Bryan Fischer -

Bryan Fischer

On last Thursday, Bryan Fischer, a well known evangelical radio talk show host claimed that we need to pass a law that would say that there is an “individual mandate from the government that everybody has to go to church.”

The punishment for not going to church would be a tax penalty.

 He told his listeners “Because after all, Obamacare is all about improving the health of the American people.

We know that going to church is good for you, it’s good for your health.

So we are going to mandate that you go to church for your own health, and we are going to tax the atheists who don’t go to church.”

He went on to say that:
“Now we can’t make you go to church, but we are going to penalize you if you don’t,”

He also said “We are going to assess a tax on every atheist who doesn’t go to church because those atheists are endangering their physical health.”

Rep. Allen West

Alan West - After you have managed to get that one down let's try this from Rep. Allen West who is a republican from Florida.

During his political campaign last week made a statement about how new health care laws are the groundwork for his idea, and that is:

“Well, I got a great idea, I believe for personal security, every American should have to go out and buy a Glock 9mm.

And if you don’t do it, we’ll tax you. Now, I wonder how the liberals will feel about that one.”