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7-6-2012 - by Roger Chartier:

William Lynch beat a priest and got away with it. Why?


William Lynch - www.The-World-News.comIn San Jose California, Mr. William Lynch in the photo on the left, had just left a San Jose, California, courthouse.

 He was just found, on July 5, 2012, by jury, innocent of two possible felony counts of assault and battery on a priest named Rev. Jerold Lindner that happened in 2010.

Lynch had been accused of beating the same priest who had molested him and his younger brother in 1975 at a campground.

He had gone to the retirement home of the priest in year 2010 with gloves on and used a false name to visit.

Mr. Lynch then beat the priest when the priest would not sign a paper admitting the sexual attack on him and his brother.

He said that the priest gave him a look that he had previously seen on the priests face back when he had been sexually abused, and that did it for Lynch. He snapped.older image of jerold lindner -

In the end, Lynch beat the two felonies and did well with that but still had been charged with a misdemeanor assault charge.

Lynch said, "I honestly thought I was going to jail", "It turned out better than I expected."
He could have done four years in prison for the assault.

Lynch hopes that others will come forward as well to attest to the sexual abuse.

Lynch was called, in the courtroom by the DA, a vigilante, and he still is one.

On the witness stand William Lynch admitted the beating of the priest Jerold Lindner. Getting freed of the charges is what has impressed so many people.

The District Attorney's office had a dilemma of defending a known pedophile priest and that was not easy for them.

William Lynch had been offered a plea bargain and declined it. He wanted more attention given to the issue, and he knew that a court case would be more in the right direction.

He in the past attempted suicide twice and suffered from problems with alcohol, divorce, nightmares etc.

Today is a good day for William Lynch.