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7-25 -2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi


Made the announcement on Sunday, at the first years anniversary of the July 23 killing by gunfire of a nuclear physicist Daryoush Rezaie.

The accusation is that he was murdered by a supposed group who had been trained abroad, and he said that they had been arrested.

The physicist's wife was injured and hospitalized, said the Iranian Student News Agency, after the attack by men on a motorcycle.

Mohaqeq Ardebili Technical College in an Iranian city called Ardebil was where Daryoush Rezaie had taught.

Mr. Rezaie had gotten a doctorate in nuclear physics at the University of Ferdowsi.

The Fars news agency of Iran has said

That Moslehi said, "Two groups in charge of training terrorists were arrested inside and outside Iran".

Moslehi was not giving much more information than that and was apparently keeping the details to himself and others supposedly involved in the case, if in fact, there are any.

The Israelis, Americans and UK spy missions have been accused in various situations involving the murders of any person affiliated with Iran's nuclear program.

Heidar Moslehi Heidar Moslehi -

No evidence was given to prove their involvement other than the accusations.

Although if there was anyone sitting behind the accusations, it would likely have to be at least one if not all of them.

Money problem...

The problem is that money flows around the world easily, and someone could have paid someone who paid someone else to do any of these jobs and it could be even a close personal connection to the nuclear physicists themselves who did it.

Until we get more information, we don't have the names of who the arrested party is to give out.