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7-19 -2012 - by Roger Chartier:

We win! We are saving money!


All over the USA people are worried about money.

Barack Obama President of USA - www.The-World-News.comMostly the poorer folks are worried about the smaller things and the wealthier folks about the larger more expensive things.

They both have some things to worry about in common, taxes and healthcare costs.

The GOP wants to cut taxes

To where it would not work, and the Dems like a little bit more taxes to make it actually work, but not in healthcare because in that case the cost for each of us is going down..

The issue here is going to be health care costs for Americans.

The Affordable Care Act has already lowered the costs and everyone or should I say the GOP should be thankful as the Dems already are.

The costs are cut for healthcare more than anything that any congress has passed, and President has signed into law in a while.

Both Medicare and Medicare advantage, as well as fee for service reimbursements overpayments now, are cut equaling $340 billion dollars. That my friends is a lot of money.

Hospitals have actually caused some sickness in patients, and the re-admissions for some diseases are costing the government $11.5 billion dollars a year.

Other organizations can be saving millions more in medical expense money as things move along with the new plan that also adds in other financial abuses.

The Independent Payment Advisory Board

Who the government now has in year 2014 will begin saving us by reducing spending on Medicare. The sum, within say 5 years, will come to around $23 billion. That is another large sum for us to think about.

There will be an expense for those who do not have the insurance as it will come to be filed on our yearly tax statements.

In the end...

I simply don't understand how some folks are against a plan that will save us all a lot of money in the end with reduced health-care costs and insurance for all! How can anyone argue against the value of that policy?