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7-16 -2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Iran war Games - EU Oil Embargo


Tehran on Saturday started war games counter to the EU Oil Embargo

Ali Khamenei - Iran - www.The-World-News.comThe leaders in Iran think that a three day war game designed to attack some made up bases in the desert is going to impress anyone, really.

The Iranian military has rockets and unmanned aircraft that are going to be operational in this event.

Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh feels that it will be impressive but no-one else seems to worry about their games other than to use them as an excuse to get submarines in closer etc.

The value of Iranian money is down to half of the dollar in just the last year, and people are not liking this all that much over there.

There are of course people from Iran who will stand up for the government for all causes and in any case.

It seems that religion is a stronger tie there than the government. Nevertheless there is an incredible religious persecution on any people who do anything that could possibly be construed as contra-governmental.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - www.The-World-News.comCitizens and outsiders are persecuted there by the fanatical religious leadership at the top of the governmental structure.

Meanwhile, back in the oil business Iran is now losing about 18% from its lack of sales to Europe and the Iranian powers are telling their own people that it has no effect on them at all. Go figure.
Iran feels someone else will buy their oil.

The real problem there right now is for the Israeli's who want to bomb them to kingdom come and the Americans are asking Israel to calm down a bit about it even though America feels the same way.
They actually do.

Everyday we are closer to a nuclear armed Iran who would get too feisty with that power.

They just can't be trusted by a lot of the rest of the world...and yet the others want their oil.