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7-9-2012 - by Roger Chartier:

Mississippi - Fattest state in USA


Top of the heap is a good place to be if you are the biggest

heavy rear end - www.The-World-News.comThe states in the USA who have the most over weight or should we say "obese" people starts out with Mississippi.

The other states aren't terribly far behind, but Mississippi is number one!

This is a list of states and their obesity rates.

Mississippi is #1 at 33.8%.

The next two states are in a tie for second place at 31.6 %, and they are Alabama and Tennessee.

West Virginia is up there as well with 31.3%.

Not far behind is Louisiana rated at 31.2%.

Next on the list here we have Oklahoma running in at (or should I say walking in) at 30.6%.

Kentucky pops up at 30.5%, and Arkansas is in there at 30.1%.

Dear old South Carolina claims a rating of 29.9%.

Last on the list here are another tie between Michigan and North Carolina, both rated at 29.4%.

Even if we only considered the top 5 on the list

It is still pretty "FAT" for people who need to learn how to eat more effectively and exercise even a little bit more than they do now.

I lost 14 1/2 pounds in the past 2 months, and I want to keep up the loss of excess baggage hanging on my body.

It isn't all that hard if you first stop thinking about food as your only satisfaction in life.

heavy boy - www.The-World-News.comSurprising to me was that 80% of parents felt that their children are at a normal weight when they are actually obese.

A third of the children and teen population is overweight. That is a high amount.

Research that analyzed information about 900,000 children who were between the ages of 2 to 19, found 78 cases of idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Eighty-five percent of patients with the condition were girls aged 11 to 19, and 73 percent were overweight or obese

There are other things to get satisfaction from such as mild exercise or even just a slow walk around the block after a more reasonable meal accompanied by a friend or relative or nobody if that's how it is.

In any event, I say good luck to people in losing weight.

Now that, we are here in the world of overweight it is hard to get out.